Goal Setting – Are you missing out or have you lost your way?

Are You Missing The Key To Success? + 11 Steps to kick-start your dream.

  • Are you currently struggling to reach your objectives?
  • Do you have everything in life that you desire? Is it easy for you to reach your goals after every success?
  • Are you calm and patient at all times?
  • Or are you frustrated, angry and disappointed at your lack of progress?

If you are not living the life you wish, then the solution lies in your mind!

Your mind has two parts, the conscious thinking logical and the subconscious, hidden part. Your conscious mind is that part of your mind you are using to read and analyse these words.
However, the hidden part of your mind is interpreting the symbols on the page and telling you what they represent. This part of your mind is more powerful than you can ever imagine and is capable of helping you in ways that seem impossible at times.

Everything that has ever happened in your life is stored in your subconscious hidden part of your mind. It is an unlimited storeroom for memories and emotions. This is a significant part of the mind. You need instant access to this stored information to find your way home, remember people, how you do your job etc. It comes with significant disadvantages if you are not utilising this part!


Not only does your subconscious mind store valuable information, but it also stores essential emotions. For example, it stores the pain and fear connected to specific activities, such as placing your hand too close to hot surfaces. When you get too close to and feel the heat on your skin, your subconscious mind will immediately alert you with a feeling of fear. This mechanism is designed to keep you safe and works exceptionally well.
It will also work to your advantage by reiterating emotions connected to positive situations. Think of a time when you caught a glimpse of your spouse or child, heard a piece of music or smelt some perfume or aftershave and you were reminded of an earlier time that evoked robust, loving and positive feelings.

Therefore, in its most straightforward role, we can view your subconscious mind as acting as a recording and playback mechanism – a bit like a fully interactive DVD recorder. The things that happen to you in your life are recorded and then played back when you access those memories or are in a similar situation.

The problem that often arises, though, is when incorrect or inappropriate emotional memories are accessed by the subconscious mind when you find yourself in new situations. If your subconscious mind has been “pre-programmed” with lots of negative emotions or a negative self-image, then these are the things it will play back to you when you do something new or you reach out past your comfort zone.

There is another problem with this mechanism, which is rarely addressed by the self-improvement industry and hypnosis communities when they seek to change this negative subconscious programming. Although they will admit that the subconscious mind is primarily a playback system of past events, they rely too heavily on reprogramming this mindset with positive beliefs. They so do not address the other areas, just as important issues.

Suppose the subconscious mind is just a playback device replaying past feelings and emotions in new situations. In that case, it is obvious we need to make sure it plays back positive and supportive feelings and thoughts when undertaking any new venture.
But what about the other problem, and how do we address that?

The issue is this; if the subconscious mind is a playback device and we want to do something new, how can it help us do it when it does not know what it is doing?

Let me explain.
You set a goal to make $5,000 per week. You set about writing your goal and affirming your intentions, visualizing, using self-hypnosis, and a myriad of other techniques, to reprogram your mind for success. But you are only doing half the job! Albeit a vital half but only half all the same!
If the subconscious mind is merely a playback device and you set a goal to create something you have never created before, then it will just playback everything you know about that subject – which is probably very little!

Let’s look at our financial example again.
You want to make $5,000 per week, yet you have only ever made $400 per week. You use your self-improvement methods daily and quickly reprogram your mind for successful goal setting. Now you find yourself full of confidence and enthusiasm for your objectives. Great!
You are in the right mindset for success. The problem arises when you start thinking about making extra money. When you ask yourself how to do that, your subconscious mind will playback everything it knows about making money. You will probably immediately think you need to get a higher-paying job, work more hours, take on an extra job etc.

Although you have successfully programmed your mind for success, your mind does not yet have the knowledge or experience of how to create the success you desire!


There are two ways to overcome this problem. The first is to acquire as much knowledge as possible about making money. This is a great thing to do. You can study the lives of people who started in similar situations and how they increased their net worth and determine if their way of doing it would suit your way. I highly recommend this approach even if you find it easy to reach your new goal setting with your new positive outlook.

Yet, there is another way. It is easier and faster and always works. As well as programming yourself for success, you must remove your old negative beliefs and (here is the key) your limiting beliefs!

When you remove your self-imposed limitations – i.e. I have to work extra hours, take a second job, get a higher paying job etc., to increase my earnings – you will find inspiration and motivation coming to you. You don’t have to reprogram these limiting beliefs with new ones. All you have to do is remove them and let your mind do the rest!

As your subconscious mind no longer replays everything it knows about making money, it must seek new answers from somewhere else! As you remove your limiting beliefs and emotions, you will become more aware of the possibilities around you. Your intuition will be more open to you, and you will find yourself almost effortlessly drifting into new, exciting and highly profitable opportunities.

Removing your limiting beliefs is much easier than you think. The results you experience will be thousands of times greater than if you concentrate on creating new beliefs through traditional personal development techniques!
Try it; you may just be surprised.


Now, want to give your vision and goals a jumpstart?

With your mindset reprogrammed and your goal setting in place, here are 11 questions you can use to speed up the delivery of your dream. Write them down and take action!

  1. What is the highest priority in your life?
    What is most vital for you to experience, explore or embrace? Unless you answer this question, your life goals will be purposeless. Unaligned with your inner passion, your goals will lack the power to attract the people and situations necessary for them to become a reality.
    Get some insight into your true joy. What activities made you happy as a child? What are your hobbies now? When your goals align with your soul’s purpose, harmony guides you to your goals. When you understand and own your unique soul and calling, assistance will come to you from every possible source.
  2. Are you settling for less than?
    Are you resigned to accepting less than your total share of love, health and success in your lifetime? Have you and compromised sacrificed your vision to death?
    Anything short of living your true passions will never make you happy. Do you want to arrive at the Pearly Gates with the regret of not marrying that one captivating person, starting that fun business, or seeing that exotic part of the world you always wanted to visit? Probably not!
  3. Is this your dream or someone else’s?
    Are your goals your own, or are they what others think you should strive for? Do you want to look back in your old age and wish you had followed your passion? Will you regret having played it safe? Is it wrong to have your own goals and dreams? What joy can you give others if you haven’t given it to yourself first?
    You have a divine right to listen to your heart. You have a social obligation to follow your dream. Only then can you fulfil your destiny and make the earthly contribution you were born to make. Your goal-setting is yours and yours alone!
  4. Do you want this dream?
    Do you get out of bed every morning to pursue your vision? Or is it just a lukewarm dream you chase because it sounds meaningful? Only the real McCoy will generate enough energy to manifest itself in the world.
  5. Is your dream just a means to some other dream?
    Is your goal setting the ultimate end, or is it just a limited means to that end? Is it not the new car itself you want, rather than the money (the means) to buy the new car? And is it not a renewed sense of self-worth you desire, rather than the new car or house to impress the family and neighbours? And it is happiness you want rather than the picture-perfect mate, job or body, yes?
    Focus on the experience you want to create, not the physical form that may or may not bring you that experience.
  6. What will you feel like when you reach your goal?
    Personal passion fuels a vision. Dive into the joy and excitement of the feeling of living your dream. Every moment you can drink in the pleasure of having your goal.
    The Hawaiian Kahuna says, “Where your creative attention flows, so will your flows your life.” Is your daily attention feeding your dreams? Do you know where your creative enjoyment is flowing?
    It is high time you manifested your goals. Dynamic creations are nurtured with love and care, just like a flower in a garden.
  7. How will you benefit from accomplishing your goal?
    Get specific about the benefits you will receive from accomplishing your vision. Write down these bonuses so they will sink in as motivators. What would happen if you made much money doing something you love? How would you approach your life differently if you allowed people to love and support you? What would you do with more vitality and health?
  8. What steps can you take today toward your dream?
    Do not concede your dream. Set up the support and systems around you to instantly transform your objectives into action. Jump on every opportunity that is in line with your purpose and vision.
    Keep the momentum going. No matter how hectic life gets, promise to take at least one action a day. Even the most minor action;- jotting down a new idea, reading a single page, or making one phone call will all start to add up.
    Are there minor projects that lead to your larger goal that can give you pleasure in the meantime? If the goal is to run a marathon, train for a local fun-run first. And find a way to measure your progress. Track those little wins by writing a diary or telling a friend.
  9. Are you telling yourself: “I can’t have my dream?”
    Most people don’t believe they can live their dream. It’s true! Either their belief system tells them they can’t make a living doing what they love, or they feel they don’t deserve it. To avoid the pain of feeling that they can’t have their dream, people often keep their dream so buried they can’t remember if they ever had a dream or what it was.
    Everyone has a dream! And everyone is destined to fulfil that purpose. Why wait?
  10. Are you afraid of reaching your dream?
    Statistically, more heart attacks occur when “good” things happen than when “bad” things happen! Getting your dream is life-threatening! Of course, realising your dream only threatens your old experience of yourself and your life. You know, the one that is mind-numbing or worrying you to death!
    Yes, change is scary! But find a way to remove the energy of fear. The only way to avoid feeling fear is to avoid living altogether!
  11. Do you need to realise your dreams?
    Do you need to achieve your goals to be happy? Enter the “rootless state” – where you no longer give a hoot if the exact representation of your dream comes true.
    Without the intervention of the ego’s push, pressure and micromanaging, you have a much better chance of being in the right space to attract real happiness.
    When you relax your grip on how your future unfolds, you give the future more flexibility in fulfilling your wishes.

And, on a higher plane, what if our actual task here on Earth is to be who we already are in our essential nature, with or without achieving our specific goals? What if the essence of who we are is enough?

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