Combining the Mind and Effective Goal Setting

Goals are of vital importance in our lives. Many of us spend our lives without any definite purpose, simply drifting from place to place and the lack of goal-setting aids to this. Setting goals help us to focus our lives and to advance confidently in a definite direction. Without them, I do not think our lives can truly be complete. We can not put a stronger emphasis on the importance of this, which we will explain here.

Importance of Goal Setting

Suppose you are looking for proof of the importance of goals. In that case, you need not look any further than two pivotal studies on success and goal-setting, one completed by Yale University and the other by Dr Lewis Terman of Stanford University.

In the first study, Yale University kept track of their graduates during a 20-year period and found that the 3% who set goals were worth more financially than the 97% of the students who did not!

In the second study, Dr Terman of Stanford studied 1,528 students with IQs above the genius level. His study found that intelligence had nothing to do with success and financial acumen, but goal-setting did!

Goal Setting – Write them Down.

So now we know that goal setting is vital to our success, but how do we do it? I first recommend you take a day or two (longer if needed) to meditate about your life passions.

Start to make a list. Some wise men recommend that you write down 100 goals for your life. Lou Holtz, the tremendously successful football coach at Notre Dame and the University of South Carolina, said that while still in his teens, he wrote down over 100 goals for his life. One of them was to coach a college football team to a National Championship – which he did! A few years ago, at about 60, Coach Holtz had achieved every single goal he had written down. So, he had to write another 100 goals, and I am sure he will get those before long too!

I recommend that you try to write 100, write them out and break them out into long-term, mid-term, and short-term goals. You can write your own definition of the time periods involved, but I recommend that short-term is up to 5 years from now, mid-term is 5 to 15 years from now, and long-term is 15+ years.

Now that you have goals, you need to start taking advantage of them! This is where most would-be goal-setters fail. Anyone can write a goal, but I would wager that if you asked 10 goal-setters what their short-term goals were after a week of setting those goals, 9 out of 10 would be unable to answer!

You need goals in your life.

You need goals in your life to achieve your dreams and have the success you desire. But just as important is a system for constantly keeping your goals in mind. We are back to using affirmations and mental imagery!

After you have written out your 100 goals, take all of them and write them in the form of 100 affirmations. For example, suppose your goal is to earn enough money to take your wife on a second honeymoon to the Caribbean. In that case, you could write: “I am enjoying my wife’s company in the Caribbean sun by January 1, 2009, with the money that I gladly save and invest for my benefit!”

Then, follow the advice of Rod Moore of Self-Management Systems, who said: “Each morning, the first thing you should do is spend 5 – 10 minutes and invest it in programming your mind to get the goals you have set for yourself. By doing so, you are imprinting or programming your mind each day to focus on what you want. By doing this consistently, your subconscious mind will begin to manifest your desires into your life.”

Review your Goals

What I have found works best for me is to review my short-term goals daily and then review the mid-term and long-term goals once a week, adjusting as necessary to the term of specific goals. I find that this keeps me focused on achieving the goals in the shorter term without forgetting about the goals on the horizon.

I want you to be tremendously successful, and I believe you will be with the techniques and exercises we have discussed. Be a goal-setter, but do not just set them and walk away. Set them and follow them and achieve the success you deserve! Until next time!


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