Are you Making these big Mistakes of Goal Setting?

Goal Setting! It’s a wonderful thing. All you have to do is set a goal, and your life is guaranteed to succeed. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

But wait a minute, I thought goal-setting was all the rage. All I got to do is set a goal, everything becomes clear, and all my next steps instantly appear.
I guess that is possible, but you must avoid the big mistakes of goal setting.

What about your big goals that haven’t materialised yet? Most likely, they will provide you with a positive payoff and be good for you and all those around you. But is it just a walk in the park when you pursue your goals, or are there challenges to overcome? You have probably already encountered many challenges, which is normal. Otherwise, you would have everything you ever wanted. by now.

But what are these challenges?
Well, there is a huge variety of them. They can be physical, mental, and spiritual, differing from person to person and from goal to goal. Knowing the specific details of the challenges is nice, but having the ability to consistently navigate around whatever might come up matters.

There are many scenarios where challenges will occur, and the first scenario is not having a clear target or goal. If you don’t know your target and goals, how can you possibly know if (or when) you will reach them? How can you even start to plan a path to get there?

The second mistake is not having a clear plan or road map. Your goal is destined to remain in this dream state where you will never take the specific steps towards it.

The third mistake is failing to track your progress. You have a great goal and a detailed plan, but you do not have a system to evaluate if your plan is working or if you are even following your plan. All plans require that you follow them to create any value, and most likely, they will also need course corrections. Once you start on your path to success, you will discover new information you didn’t know about before, and your plan needs to be updated.

Lastly, the final big mistake is not having an outside means of accountability. Something that checks up on you to verify you are making progress towards your goals, like a mentor or a peer group.

Now that we know some of the mistakes where goal setting fails, what is the biggest mistake of goal setting? Simply put, it is not having a system that ensures you follow through on all the critical steps of your planned goal setting. The good news is once you set up your system, you can use it for all your goals.

First, your system must remind you that your target or goal is consistent. Many goals are abandoned because they were put off so many times that thinking about them only reminds you of all the time that has been wasted.

Second, your system needs to track your progress. This enables you to make the necessary course corrections. Not only will it ensure you arrive at your goal, but it also motivates you by revealing all the progress you are making.

Finally, your system needs an OUTSIDE means of accountability. Something that checks up on you to make sure you have a clear target, you are following your plan, tracking your progress, and making the needed course corrections.

Avoid the biggest mistakes of goal setting! Develop a system that guarantees you will follow through, no matter the goal or obstacle. Your goals are waiting, and success is sure to be yours.

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