Are you a Leader or a Slacker?

Do you claim to be a Leader in your business or your field of expertise?

I have noticed that many people claim to be Leaders, but I consider them Slackers instead. A Slacker likes to give instruction or direction but takes no action to advance themselves or their business.

Does this describe you, your up-line or someone else on your team? Here are some clues that might help you out.

Leader: Praises his/her team and offers encouragement
Slacker: Quick to find fault and slow to give praise

Leader: Holds himself/herself to a higher standard than his/her team
Slacker: Has a high level of expectation for his/her team but does not hold himself/herself to that same standard

Leader: Leads by example and is a role model for his/her team
Slacker: Blends in with the crowd and never steps up to take a leadership role

Leader: Has deep-rooted belief in his/her business and leads new teammates through the growth process (learning the business and facing obstacles)
Slacker: Convinces a person to join his/her team, then pawns them off on someone else or pushes them to the side (Referred to as “sign and drop”)

Which of these characteristics best describes you and your teammates? Be honest with yourself.

Remember that a leader must lead and nourish others through growth. If he/she loses integrity and fails to act, this same failure mindset will ripple down to his/her teammates. A team will duplicate their leader and their leader’s actions.


Let me ask you one last time…Are you a Leader or a Slacker?

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